Come On Let's Sing

Just had another amazing rehearsal with Julian and Asami at my apartment. It was a long session as we started at 1pm and ended at 5pm but it didn't feel dreadful at all. We had so much fun that we didn't even realise time had escaped our hands. I was also pleasantly surprised that my living room has pretty good acoustics and it provided us a good tone and vibe for rehearsals.

Oh, I think I need to buy a tripod for my camera too so I can take some videos of what we do during rehearsals, the magic that happens and how much fun we have. There's just something about the stress-free nature of rehearsals and I wish these rehearsals were the actual shows themselves. I mean, with shows, there are so many variables that could throw off a performance or its quality. For example, a bad monitor mix could mean you can't hear yourself properly which will cause you to pitch incorrectly when singing.

Anyway, rehearsals are really the heart and soul of being a musician but I'm also really looking forward to the show on Thursday when Julian and myself will hit the stage featuring Asami on a couple of tracks in our set. So make yourselves available on Thursday and we'll see you the show.

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