Sometimes things don't always have to go according to plan. Spontaneous decisions could sometimes lead to some very good times and today was one of those days.

It started off with a simple lunch with a smaller than usual group of friends at a Thai restaurant where the conversations sparked the master plan for a chain of events to follow. The plan was to just hang out until dinner. Lunch was followed by hot chocolate at Koko Black with lots of sweetness and laughter. Then there was time to kill between the hot chocolate and dinner so we ended up playing videos games and board games at Bennie's.

When the time came, we took a short drive, picked up the wife whose freedom we were celebrating and headed out to a scrumptious seafood dinner. We ordered two seafood platters where one was meant to feed two people but it was so huge, it fed four of us each. As if that wasn't fun enough for an awesome Sunday, we adjourned to more video games and board games at Bennie's. We were well entertained till the wee hours in the morning. Through all the conversations, we reminisced about our childhood days, the games we played in school and how mischievous we were. In many ways, we still haven't lost it.

This one's for the good times!

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