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Firstly, thanks a million to Sheena, Aki, Aural Window, Bloodpuppies Entertainment and Pony for putting Broken Scar on the bill! Cheers heaps!

Huge thanks also to everyone who came out early to see me play! You guys are legends! Appreciate you guys coming up to the front, making it very intimate and cosy. Thanks for clapping and singing along! The lights the blinding on the stage, but I know I saw many of you mouthing every word to my songs! That is simply awesome. It's the best gift ever!

I had a blast playing all those songs although it was a solo acoustic set. It was a great time hanging out with you and talking to all of you. Do drop me a note if any of you happen to read this post. This one's dedicated to YOU!

I've uploaded some videos from the night just to relive the moment a little bit! Cheers heaps!

Until I Fall

Hey You. Lainey Lashes. Here you go, the most updated version.

Down. This video was chopped up a bit which explains the skip from the second verse to the bridge. Well, the bridge was the best part anyway!

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on www.mytracks.com/brokenscar

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