Canberra In Pictures

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Canberra. There isn't much. Well, because it was only a day trip. Would have loved to see the War Memorial though. Maybe next time hey?

I always love the view from the plane regardless if it's in the day or night. There's just something about having a bird's eye view, being able to see a bigger picture.

Our lovely Malaysian High Commission. It even smells like Malaysia in there.

The face of the clock looked much bigger in real life.

The perfect indication of Autumn.

We roamed the city aimlessly till we found this.

This is smack in the middle of the city, according to me. haha.

This is one funny looking piece of art.

The Zebra Cross here reminded me of The Beatles at Abbey Road. I walked one that Zebra Cross feeling I was larger than life, thanks to them.

This is where you'd end up if the museums and art galleries are closed on a Monday.

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3 Responses to “Canberra In Pictures”

  1. # Blogger Kamelia

    Hey, Canberra! My dad studied there sometime ago. Wish I could see it...  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar! I was told that Canberra has one of the best schools and the best uni too! The Australian National Uni is there. hehe. I think it's my ignorance but I should have done some research before I went so I could check things out. hehe  

  3. # Anonymous Huz

    Haha dude...ada bau itu belacan ka dekat itu building? :D  

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