One Of Those Days

The days are getting shorter in Melbourne these days. It gets dark really early and somehow my sleep has been warped again. Plus, I work nights. It's back to the whole, "sleep in the day, work/gig when the sun goes down" routine.

Work started off awesome tonight. I set up the PA system for a gig and everything was perfectly in place. The only problem though was that we couldn't make any noise till half an hour before doors open. This means we only get half an hour to do a sound check. Half an hour is enough time, provided the entire system runs smoothly, but if the system stuffs up, we would have to trouble shoot all within this small time frame and today, the system decided to stuff up.

Thank God that the bands brought their own mixing engineer which meant I could do all the trouble shooting with him. Two heads are better than one and in this case it was four hands are better than two.

In the end, everything was solved but it wasn't back to 100%. There was something wrong with the system which we will have to check fully, another day. Overall, the show was still good and it was just a minor set back. Phew.


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