Studio Diary: Day Seven. Violins & Vocals.

Recording Michelle's Violin Parts and Kevin's Vocal Parts

This session was one of the most exciting ones. The song is coming together really well, with all the parts almost completed. Now comes the embellishments. I've always wanted strings in my songs and Shooting Star was just screaming for it. Thanks to Michelle, violinist extraordinaire, this dream is realised!

The Shooting Star sessions has offered surprise after surprise with things like these. First there was the awesome guitars that were made available for the session, now this!

Michelle is simply amazing! She is one of the most sought after violinist in the industry and she works with the top names in the industry. We're stoked that she was able to do this session with us. It was such an honour.

The session went like this.

Michelle rocked up to the studio.
She sat down with me to review the song.
She wrote the chord progression down.
She went into the recording room.
Sel pressed record.
She played her parts.
She double tracked her parts.
Sel stopped recording and asked whether she could do high harmonies for the parts.
Michelle of course replied yes and without even messing around, she ask Sel to press record.
Sel pressed record.
Michelle played the harmonies spot on.
Sel stopped recording.

That was how effortless it was! All this took less than 30 minutes. Thanks a million Michelle, you're a legend!

I also recorded vocals for Until I Fall in this session. I basically recorded all the main vocal parts for this song and by the end of it I was burnt out. I couldn't push any more so I decided to head home and rest up before I come in again for another vocal session. Despite being really tired, the takes turned out really well.

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