I Lost It

Today, I lost it. I lost the motivation to work on the songs for a bit because my ears are still incredibly fatigued and I've been exhausted. My senses and judgement were completely out of whack and pushing on will just prove unfruitful. So I threw in the towel for the day and watched a DVD instead. I thought it'll free my mind a little bit and refresh my creative side but it didn't quite help.
Today, I lost it. I lost the direction I was on course for. I can't see the destination. It's as if I've set sail into the wide open ocean without a compass not knowing where North is. I'm trusting God to take me wherever the wind blows.
Today, I just lost all feeling. I am numb from this exhaustion.
On a lighter note, I knew someone who pronounces the word "fatigue" as FAT-TEEG-GHEE-YOU. It cracks me up!
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