FOC Weekend

My man Benny at the DMCs @ The HiFi Bar, Melbourne

This weekend has been pretty sweet! I went to support Benny a.k.a. DJ B2wo at the DMCs at HiFi Bar on Friday night and after his set I headed to The Arthouse to check out The Getaway Plan at their second last gig in Melbourne before they head out to Florida to record their debut album. The coolest thing was Benny had put me on his guest list and getting through the door was not a problem. Did I mention that if you're on the guest list, you get in for free? I also got in to The Getaway Plan gig for free. It was all sweet.

Last night was also a good night out at The Espy in St. Kilda. I went to see The Basics play and it was just a great night hanging out. Oh, the gig was free too and there were heaps of bands playing but I have to admit The Basics were the best band of the night. There was a metal fest happening in one of the three rooms at The Espy as well, but that was 25 bucks. Obviously I did not go for that one. Haha! I would have gone if it were free.
Anyway, here's a video of The Getaway Plan to give you a feel of what they are like.

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