Thirty Six

In the frame of thirty six
I absorbed the warmth of the sun
I watched it slowly go to sleep
And I watched it shine down on me again
All this, in the frame of thirty six hours
...Broken Scar

My body clock is definitely messed up and somehow I’m wide awake, yet too exhausted to do much. It all started on Thursday afternoon when I did some live sound work at two clubs here in Melbourne. It was an awesome experience and I learnt heaps. It was hard work though and the money could have been better, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

After work was over, a friend and I roamed Melbourne in search for a place to just unwind and have a nice cold drink after a long day’s work. We walked for an hour and nothing was opened! We settled at a 24 hours diner and by the time we got there, we’d worked up an appetite already.

We hung out and talked about everything under the sky. Well, more music related to be honest. Music is the central theme in my life, as if you haven’t noticed. Before long, it was already Friday morning.

Fast forward.

I watched a Queen DVD, the making of A Night At The Opera and it was awesome! They are simply mind blowing. There will never be another Queen. There’s never been such a strong song-writing force in a band other than Queen. All four of them write very different songs and sing in very different ranges yet they have a defined Queen sound.

Fast forward to today.

With all the lack of sleep in view and every inch of my body in pain, I was restless, nonetheless. So naturally I put on some music and my current addiction is Paramore! They’ve induced a refreshing in me!

I grabbed my guitar, cranked the amp, learnt their songs and within minutes I started jamming to the songs, imagining myself as their guitarist playing at the Warped Tour!

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the new songs I’ve been writing and the dilemma is whether to write individual songs, capturing particular moments and emotions or songs which fit a central theme.

One of the things I constantly want to avoid is having the word “I” in the songs. I don’t know, without the songs coming back to me, it’ll tend to lose its connection with the listener. I don’t know.
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