Twenty Three

We were a messy bunch! Should have taken a picture with all the yummy food!

Mr. Manshaan

Mr. Alex Ang

Mr. Zack Kim

Mr. & Mrs. Tan

The attack of the killer tomatoes?

So what's the occasion for this dinner? Yes, like the title of this entry suggests, yours trully just turned 23 yesterday. It was a good time hanging out with bandmates and musicians.

Exactly one year ago, Alda and I had dinner at a restaurant near the recording studio after laying down the bass tracks for the album. This means that we took exactly one year to complete the whole Broken Scar debut album.

We had marmite prawns then and I thought it'll be cool to have that again, this time the prawns were a lot larger. So here's the menu, just for fun...

1. Marmite Tiger Prawns
2. Steamed Tiger Prawns
3. Fried Fish In Soy Sauce
4. Kangkong Fried With Chilli And Belachan
5. Claypot Beancurd
6. Deep Fried Calamari
7. Thai Style Mango Chicken

Oh, the dinner was at Pantai Seafood Restaurant...simple, but excellent food.

I started celebrating early though. It started the night before the day even. The night before was a story on its own though. It started off with just a simple dinner with a friend who didn't even know it was gonna be my brithday and when she found out, without planning, we headed to The Loft. Bumped into heaps of people there, people from the music scene, bands, friends etc. It was all good. The partying doesn't have to stop, my brithday last for weeks. Whooaaahahaha.

4 Responses to “Twenty Three”

  1. # Blogger Shavain

    *drools all over your blog*

    happy birthday, you~  

  2. # Anonymous alda

    hahaha! mr and mrs tan!

  3. # Blogger BOX 01

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!! and welcome to life in the 23 zone! ;0P hope u have a good year ahead and i can't wait for ur arrival in melbourne! see you soon bro!!  

  4. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Thanks ah girl. Yummy yummy food! Should take pics before the food finishes the next time.

    Ain't it true Alda? Pool in the house etc? haha.

    Thanks Benny heng tai! 23 zone indeed!
    Looking forward to my arrival too! Melb here I come!  

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