Aquaria @ KLCC

Here are some pictures taken at Aquaria when I was there for a recce for work. I guess it's easier on the eyes to look at pictures than just plain text describing my random thoughts. What say you? Enjoy!

Looks like the fishes are in a giant whirlpool. This particular display really amused me. How could a huge tree like that get in there? Would fish actually co-exist with land trees in the "real" world? Very amusing.

This is one horny fish

Bagaikan diriku tapak sulaiman? The MIX, Indrani boys and pretty much the whole Xfresh crew would know what I mean...Giggles.

What a beauty

The Moonfish was and is one of my favorite fish ever. The colors are just so vibrant, don't you think? I used to love art class in school. I'd paint all my fish like Moonfish!

Just gotta love the vibrant blue

This is one huge shark. They looked heavily sedated though.

Kids on an excursion posing for the camera

The main tank, the main attraction.

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