I haven’t been blogging as regularly lately and now that I have the time and my mind seems to be in the blogging mode, I’ll keep going.

It’s quite difficult to pin point maturity sometimes. When is someone ever “matured enough”?

At one particular point in time, when one examines his life, he would probably think, “yeah, I’ve reached a certain level of maturity” and others around him may comment, “Wow, you’re matured for your age”. Then a year passes and he would look back and go, “Why was I so naïve and immature? Why did I say the things I said and why did I do the things I did that way? I could have handled this situation better. I could have done this and that better in a more matured adult manner”.

So one year after the next will pass and the same question will repeat itself.

I guess as we all grow up and as time forwards, there’s always the fact that we’d look back and can’t help but to laugh out loud at the silly things. There’s no point hanging on to the past and dwelling upon it too much though. It’s good to reflect, analyze, learn and move on. So here we go, when are we actually matured enough to make the right judgements? The question stands.

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