Recording: Day Seven

I said that I'd save my thoughts while I was feeling them.

Today was the perfect day to sleep in, enjoy the cold provided by the rain, allow the hypnotic sound of the rain to soothe, hide under the covers, shiver a little, wake up a little and fall back asleep all over again.

However, such luxury is sparse lately as I begin to push myself forward towards recording and getting all the tracks down. Today was planned and scheduled for recording “Hey You” an acoustic number which is going to end up on the CD.

After the drive to the studio in a daze and a delicious lunch, the session began.

Recording the rhythm guitar was rather different this time around as I was using my newly obtained Norman B18 acoustic guitar and it sounded mellower than the other guitar I used, the B20. It sounded as if the guitar was fitted with dead strings.

Kim said that if it didn't sound good he would recommend that I use the old guitar. I liked the mellow and the deep body tone from this new one.

So we went ahead with the B18. After that was done, we recorded the single note lines with the B20.

All in all the guitars sounded good.

Next up was the vocals. It's true what they say, that your voice will be affected if your body is tired. I know it's a whole reaction as everything in our body is connected, but I never knew it was this bad. It was just too difficult to throw my voice and hit the correct pitch. It also didn't help as I was only recovering from a case of flu.

After doing countless takes, we only managed to record two verses and two choruses and I decided to stop. Pushing it will only go no where as I was too tired to continue.

So what was the lesson learnt? Drink loads of water and rest well before sessions.

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