Two Weeks In May

Days had passed so rapidly lately. I’m not even going to bother to recall, re-count and look back. It’s just too tedious. So here’s a recap of what I remember.

29th April 2005 : Pussy Rock Gig at Paul’s Place. This gig was an excellent display of virtuosity. Cosmic Funk Express, my personal favourite.

1st May 2005 : Levi’s 501 Day Showcase at Tower Records KLCC. Two words, neck breaker!

7th May 2005 : Levi’s 501 Day Battle Of The Bands at Plaza Mont Kiara. Partaaay!

Why was I at the Levi’s events? Not only because they were large events where everyone should have been, but I went because of my brother. He’s a part of the band, Army Of Three that took part in the competition.

They bagged the second place at the battle and I am happy and proud. Congratulations AOT!

My mind’s all over the place. So head on over to, for pictures and to read more about Army Of Three.

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