Head Charge

Jamming earlier this evening was excellent!

It's been so long since the Broken Scar band jammed that we don't even remember when the last time was. It felt so distant.

However, musically, the long silence and the break did not slow us down. In fact, we picked up where we left off and were right on track, head-charging at full speed ahead.

We had a plan. Work out and finalise the parts for Zero and Soul Reaper. Two songs, period.

The band sounded as tight as ever, well, at least to me it did. My acoustic guitar sounded a lot better now after the recent set-up job. This is actually the first jam session after the set-up. It was definitely pleasing to my ears, what more open chords?

What tuning is Soul Reaper on, may I ask? I'd now say, it's in open Dm7 thanks to Alda.

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