Serenading Dreams

Dreams came and gone through the course of this journey that I’ve taken. They somehow seem to form like a swell. They appear ever so slowly and subtly. But before you know it, it comes crumbling right before your very eyes, sometimes almost overnight all of a sudden out of the blue and sometimes gradually because you saw it coming and all you could do is slowly watch it diminish painfully into the unknown just like watching a candle burn out.

Either way, chasing a dream is like riding a rollercoaster. There are always the ups and the downs. At a time where many of these dreams present me with downs, I realise that one is emerging somewhere, at the corner of my eye, peeking out of its comfort zone.

There is no point to run after it desperately. The best thing to do now is to let it slowly bloom into its full glory.

See, things aren’t always what they seem to be. Nothing is ever only on the down side and plain negative. There are a million and one angles, means and ways to look at a subject. There’s always something good out of the bad.

Some view me as an overdramatic, but I like it this way. I get to fully embrace the little details in life.

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