Silent Screams And Internal Bleeding

I’ve definitely been listening to too much emo and the like, hence the title. There seems to be no way to distinguish genres nowadays, so why bother?

Somehow I feel that this new breed of song-writers have such an excellent and alternative way to communicate their ideas.

“Make a circle square, a rectangle curve”. The Used

Here are some random thoughts.

Feelings are so difficult to describe, but the title above somehow made sense to me. One could be going through turbulence at its peak, sinking deeper, drowning, barely breathing, almost dying and reaching out his hand towards safety that seems ever so vague all inside, yet nobody sees or even senses it. It’s as if one is screaming for help from the inside, yet no one hears the screaming or even understands it because it seems calm and almost perfect from the outside.

It’s like internal bleeding or even a disease that shows not even a single sign on the outward, where one can be suffering yet everyone around thinks it’s nothing. It doesn’t mean that although things may look fine on the outside, everything is just perfect.

“You could stay and watch me fall and of course I'll ask for help”. The Used

I guess what I'm trying to say is that words can be put together in a certain way that does not always mean the literal. Try a different angle, you'll see.

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