Swimming Butterflies

Everything was all set. All four radio tuners were tuned in to 103.0 fm. So what’s next? Sit back, relax and wait for the song to play.

I kicked back, continued doing whatever I was doing with the radio blaring in the background without a care in the world and all of a sudden something started stirring in my stomach as it got nearer to the time the song was scheduled to play.

Time slowed down. “Is it going to play? Or was I mistaken for another time and day?” these thoughts suddenly kept circling round and the butterflies in my stomach decided to become more aggressive. It felt like the butterflies were having a jolly good time swimming. Yes, I said swimming. It felt a lot like that.

I never expected this to happen. After all, I’ve heard the song through all its developments and stages. I guess these are just the little wonders that music does to a person.

Fast forward the drama and the song played. All was calm after that.

John’s Mistress – Picking The Pieces finally made it to the air!

2 Responses to “Swimming Butterflies”

  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Them butterflies sure know how to party.  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    You bet!  

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