Recording: Day Two

Here we are at the studio again on a delayed day two. There’s just this great feeling about being at the studio every single time and somehow after every session I’d be overwhelmed and end up not knowing how to write a proper studio diary.

Today is the bass man’s day. It was Kim, Alda and I at the studio. Not forgetting Alda’s ever delicious looking and sounding Warwick.

4:00 pm: Arrived at the studio and had a bite at the mamak first before we started the session.

4:30 pm: Went up to the studio, set up and got ready to record. Recorded bass for “Scratch” first. Alda ran through the song and started laying down the bass tracks. He laid a few versions mostly with a picking technique. It sounded alright, but it didn’t sound the same once it was recorded compared to playing it at the jamming studio. We decided to try the fingering technique and it worked perfect! If I remember correctly, we took about an hour to get this down as Alda was trying a few options and also getting used to the studio and working with Kim.

5:30 pm: Recorded bass for “The Bleeding Confession”. The time signature change confused everyone, but eventually we got it down.

6:00 pm: Recorded bass for “Silence”. Alda hated this song because it was taxing and demanding for him. But I love the funky bassline he came up with. Alda normally played it quite straight and simple during the rehearsals but somehow he played this line that really caught my ear and that was how the funky bassline started. I went, “Alda, can you keep that bassline? Do exactly what you did! It sounds excellent!”. After figuring out the entire bassline, Alda got it down in no time. All in all about four takes? I can’t really remember because I was simply adoring the bassline.

7:00 pm: Session ended.

I am blessed to be able to work with such talented people in this musical journey of mine. It may seem odd, that I decided to work with Manshaan, a metal drummer and Alda, a jazz and funk influenced bassist for this Broken Scar project. I thought it’ll be interesting to bring in different elements into my music and I’ve not been disappointed and only been left happy. Both Manshaan and Alda are such talented musicians and great people to work with.

It’s also a great experience to work with Kim to produce this effort. I am thankful I have the freedom to produce.

Alda and I had a delicious dinner after the session. Marmite prawns!

I shall stop now before everything becomes cheesy.

Until the next session…

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