Recording: Day Three

Recording is such a great experience. Now that the bass and drums are done, it's time to lay the acoustic guitar tracks.

I can’t remember much of the recording in terms of timing, so I’ll type whatever I remember.

Started recording “Bleeding”. I thought it’ll be good to record a simpler song to start with. It ended up being the most difficult to nail. Getting the intro down itself was difficult. We needed to set the right feel and tempo. Boy it felt like I was doing the intro for ages. The rest of the song was pretty alright until we got to the breakdown where there was a time change as well as a tempo speed up. That was a first and it was challenging. After the first acoustic guitar track was done, we laid a second acoustic guitar track as a layer. All in all, we used up about two hours laying these two tracks.

We then moved on to record “Scratch”. This was a less painful process. We layered two acoustic guitar tracks, one being the usual Scratch chords and the other was a set of alternate, open chords. This took up about an hour for both the tracks.

Next up was “Silence”. This would be the most enjoyable song to do. Silence now sounds a little different from how I used to play it live as the groove has changed just a little with the whole band coming in. This song required only one main acoustic guitar track so we decided to add additional two-note lines for the verses and pre-chorus to spice things up. Magic really does happen in the studio! A lot of the lines were spontaneous and there’s just this fun feeling about hearing new lines.

After that, we went on to do some “clean” electric guitar parts for Bleeding. With advanced technology these days, adding effects and previewing them almost close to real time really makes a huge difference on getting the "big picture" of the song.

It wasn't all work and no play though, we slipped in lunch at the mamak coupled with great talks with Kim.

All in all, I should say that this was a very productive session. Not only was there music involved, but God was there all the time, all the while. I can’t imagine how else to put it, but to close with this word, awesome!

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