The Bleeding Red

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Firstly, it’s been a week now since my last entry, my mind is cloudy and therefore this post will be just as cloudy and random.

I saw such a huge orange bleeding red sunset bursting the clouds and sky into orange bleeding red all around. Burn!

There were so many potential “quote of the day” lines in the past week but somehow I just can’t seem to surface them out of my head.

One of those days in the week that passed, I was transported back to the good old high school days where team mates worked together like a brotherhood where very little politics was involved. For a moment there I felt a splash of renewed hope in the midst of this current state of nothingness, pretentiousness and how superficial this world can be. I felt the unity, I felt the oneness.

Keep in mind that not all words that sound negative mean that the situation is depressing.

I’m eager, I’m now riding a cloud and I’m floating.

Tomorrow will be day two of the Broken Scar recordings. We’re going in to the studio to lay Alda’s bass tracks down and hopefully take loads of pictures. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope for a fruitful session.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    All the best for tomorrow's session!

    Speaking of reds, I know of three shades that brought me on a magical journey today. To my personal Gaarder, thank you.  

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