Slow Motion Silent Film

There is only this much that a picture can contain. Clicking on the pictures, ignoring the slideshow function, I let the pictures play back the memories in my mind like a slow motion silent film.

Isn’t it a little odd how one can listen to jazz one minute and turn to emo / screamo the next? Story Of The Year’s Sidewalks is playing as I type this, so up-front almost taking the wheel, steering my thoughts away.

Now is a time for reflection. I sit here patiently, staring into the blank and the white.

The thoughts slowly arranging themselves like pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle forming the big picture. The memories now play back with black and white echoes of laughter, silent tears, secret intentions and plain feelings of awe. It’s funny how we store our memories. It’s also funny how pictures and songs stir up so much emotion. They say that music brings back forgotten memories, but I say that forgotten memories bring us songs.

Beauty. Such an abstract word - so much so that the word itself is beautiful beyond words.

Thinking about those almost-forgotten memories puts a smile on my face.

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  1. # Blogger Shavain

    "Beauty. Such an abstract word - so much so that the word itself is beautiful beyond words."

    Pictures evoke memories that are long gone, sometimes forgotten. Songs make us see things in a whole new dimension all together.

    And in my very very warped sense of thinking, "beautiful" is a very beautiful word (does that even make sense?)  

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