Good Afternoon Class

Today must have been mixed feelings day.

Firstly, JM played the HELP gig in a lecture hall. How absurd is that? A rock band in a lecture hall? Maybe it’s just not conventional and the fact that I’ve never done so prior to this. I’ve never felt so weird before at a gig.

Lecture halls to me have always been associated with studies and are meant for the academics. Who would have thought a rock band would play in one where everyone is seated in comfortable foldable red cushion seats? There wasn't the slightest hint that a rock band would ever step into these grounds, fully air-conditioned. It’s nice to play a gig indoors for a change, sweat a little less, jump a little less and stay in place a little more. All in all, it was a whole load of fun and it was cool, playing in a college, in a lecture hall, ever so comfortable.

I guess school’s out!

We only played three songs out of the original set list of four due to time constraints. It felt a little short, but it was good to give way to the other bands and to also watch them play. It was amazing how three bands managed to pull off this gig judging from a shaky start. The setting up was admirable. Everything was done in a span of half an hour. None of the bands managed to do a soundcheck, and yet we sounded good. I was especially very impressed by the Roland amp I used. It had such a nice warm tone to it.

It was for a good cause. I sincerely hope that HELP raised enough money to meet their target.

At the end of the gig, the earlier feelings of awkwardness faded and I was filled with wonder, contentment and feelings of pride, the good kind of pride, mind you. Now, I can say that I’ve played in a lecture hall. It was a memorable experience.

I know this may sound unprofessional but also I signed my first autograph today. Here’s another experience to add to the list that I’ll treasure for life. It was all a blur, just like right now, as I’m typing this.

Spending time with the band is always fun. As usual we took a lot of pictures and I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Basically, it was a good mixture of weirdness, awkwardness, contentment and a sense of achievement.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    This must be your most clear cut and honest post so far.  

  2. # Blogger Mist

    WWAAHHHH who asked laahhh..
    SOo big star!! * starstruck already! *

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