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I felt like a superhero last Saturday when I saved the day by providing an ipod connector cable to the girls hosting the show before us at SYN 90.7. The girls had some problems with their audio playback and I helped fix it simply by swapping the ipod cable. It's nice to chip in and help out whenever I can.

I sometimes feel like over-preparing is a waste of time because 9 out of 10 times I over-prepare or over-pack equipment, things tend to run smoothly. The extra equipment that I had packed would render quite useless. But that leaves us to that one time that something or everything will go wrong and having the right equipment at hand will just make you look like a hero.

I pack extra guitar cables with me when I mix bands. You never know, a guitarist might have rushed to the gig and forgot his cables and when he yells, "Does somebody have a quarter inch guitar cable", I can swoop in and say, "Here you go, Sir". There are also tonnes of other stuff that I pack with me when I mix bands and half of what I pack hardly ever gets used but I am ready when the time calls for it.

I mixed three bands last night at The Espy in St. Kilda. Johnny Uppercut was up first, followed by Madonna and The Final Eclipse headlined the show. I was contemplating whether to bring in all the extra gear or not because I had not mixed at The Espy's basement before. I went back and forth in my mind and I finally decided to lug all that gear down to the show. Boy, was it worth it. The Yamaha SPX 90 II effects unit that I had saved the day. It would have gone well even without it, but it was really the icing on the cake. It made the vocals come alive and made the bands sound awesome. Sometimes, the little things count. I could have just gone with the standard and mic up just the kick, snare and vocals, but I went the extra mile to mic up the kick, snare, toms, guitar cabs and DI-ed the bass. The extra work is definitely worth it. The bands were happy, the crowd was happy and I was definitely happy. All in all, it was a very good night of awesome music.

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