While The Sun Still Sleeps

It was kind of nice to walk in the city on a late and freezing Melbourne winter night. 6.8 degrees to be precise. There was this sense of stillness in the dense air that you get only about this time. Obviously there is less people roaming the city at this hour and there's definitely less happening compared to the day, but there's more to it than just that. It's a strange feeling and it's too difficult to describe but I will attempt it.

Most people would want to get out of the cold
and seek warmth as fast as they could, but no, not me. There was no urgency to escape this cold winter night. I savored the walk. A part of me felt free, as if I was the king of this city, walking around, checking on my royal subjects. I felt a little bit more invincible because the cold did not break me while the city and the lights were sleeping.

So right now, I will make an exit and join the rest of the city in reverie while the sun still sleeps.

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