The Week That Was

There's so much that happened this week that it took me away from blogging and left me enough time to just shoot out a few promo posts and messages. It's been a massive week and this is what I got up to. I'm gonna do a Lydia-style post.

We had the last rehearsal with the band before our big debut on Thursday. Rehearsals are always heaps of fun, mucking around with random jams.

I went to watch Cirque Du Soleil's Dralion with the wife. It was freezing that night and it brought us back to around the same time last year when we watched Varekai. Getting lost in the mystical and magical atmosphere for a while was nice.

Spent some time at the SYN studio working on some pre-production for The Limelight Hour.

Broken Scar debut live with the new Melbourne line-up, with Tjin on drums and Julian on bass. We shared the stage with the band, Nobody where we supported headliners for the night, The Vulpine. It was an awesome gig! At least this time I didn't fall into a hole when debuting the band! Click HERE to read about the falling into a hold incident.

Mixing @ The Arthouse. It was City Escape's EP launch and I mixed Dream On Dreamer, The Vampirates (SA) and City Escape. I spent some time earlier in the afternoon tuning up the PA and foldbacks at The Arthouse to make sure I can push the system hard without feedback. I must say, the start of the night was less stressful but the pressure built up towards the middle of the show. In the end, the show went really well. It turned out that there was a lot of people at the show that I knew. It's been a while and I miss this scene!

Went on air for The Limelight Hour and then headed to Richmond AOG to play a solo set. Had Mexican for dinner at Montezuma's. Hung out with a bunch of friends.

Mixed at church. The band was on fire and the mix felt right. Got a lot of positive feedback which is always very encouraging. Had a really yummy lunch and hung out more with another group of friends just chatting the whole day away. Happy days!

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