A Sensible Routine

It feels like since the weekend is over, I could finally wind down and relax but I guess I have mastered the art of keeping myself busy. It helps when I make it a point to make a "to-do" list these days to keep myself in check and in the rhythm of a sensible routine.

I like how things are balancing themselves out. I was just compiling a list of my achievements this year and as I look back at 2008, I can say that it has been an amazing year and that 2009 can only get better.

As corny as it sounds, but writing things down definitely helps to make it come to pass. I never really made any resolutions but this time round, I've set goals for myself and I can say that not only have I met them, I've surpassed many of them.

I am truly blessed to be alive and to do what I do. I'll probably be compiling that list and will post it sometime later as we wrap up this year. On the audio side of things, I've had the chance to do so much this year and I am super stoked because next year, it's gonna get bigger!

One thing I enjoy the most is the conversations I've had with people over the past year.

Now, the year is not over yet and there's heaps more to do. So put your seatbelts on!

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