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Wow, another weekend is over just like that. I mixed The Bright Star boys up at Reservoir yesterday and all day today was spent mixing on a brand spanking new Digico SD8 for the Christmas production at Richmond! It was quite a breeze and the auditorium was sounding better than ever with that new desk in there. The best thing is, all the settings are saved into the trusty ol' USB thumbdrive! It's such an intuitive mixing desk to use. It's pretty easy to get a standard set up running, thanks to the guidance from the guru himself, Terry Ferguson! I had the best time mixing. I got clarity, without harshness. It was nice and warm. It can only get better from here on.

Now that the production is all over, it's time to give the 101-page manual a nice read. While reading it, I was surfing the net and look what I found.

Found this on Mr. Karl Agan's blog.

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2 Responses to “Look What I Found”

  1. # Blogger Karl Agan

    o_0' is it ok if I do that?now Im a bit scared..  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Hey Karl, it's totally cool man. I really liked the drawings and the vid. I'll have to speak to you a little more about taking it further. Thanks for making the vid man. It's all good!


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