Revisiting The Used

Today is one of those days dedicated to music. It's crazy how my life pretty much revolves around music yet the funny thing is that I don't listen to enough music.

Whenever I am on the computer, I'd have albums playing from start till end and repeated over a few times. But that doesn't mean that I'm actually listening to it intently. However, this kind of listening does register the melodies and various nuances in my subconscious. I'd end up writing something one day and go, "How come it sounds like it's already been written". Then, I'd dig up some tunes and realise that it is someone else's song!

You can hear things but it doesn't always mean that you're listening. It's been a while since I've been able to pop a CD from my collection in, kick back and listen to it from start till end without any agenda but listening and digesting it.

I am currently revisiting The Used. I used to listen to heaps of The Used in my car when I was back in KL and everyone knows that we spend almost half of our lives on the road stuck in traffic jams. The Used kept me going. The funny thing about music is that it never stays static. You'd think you'd know everything about the CD but when you revisit it, you'd find different pieces of magic and other nuances that you never noticed before.

Here's the second verse from Sound Effects And Overdramatics. It's from the In Love And Death album.

Keep the mask aligned
Get it up in time
There's a space between valleys
and try and catch a vibe

Make a circle square, a rectangle curve
Use a smile as a noun and I think like a verb

Run quick switch sides
Spill the filled up cancer
And the room is shaking
Now you're changing places,
and I switched my pace,
and my breathing races when you mention blue

Bert is a genius. I love his way with words. I like how he places normal daily words and pairs them up in an unconventional way to make new meaning of those words.

I would have had this epiphany before and I'm glad I'm having it again now. I need it.
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