The Party Never Stops

She was lying on the floor, unconscious. What put her on the floor was left unknown. The sirens from the two police vehicles lit up the scene. They burnt brighter than the city lights. The traffic came to a halt. The street was emptied. The paramedics arrived.

She remained lying on the side of the street. From the looks of it, a man was either trying to wake her up or was just "being there" for her.

In the midst of this tragedy, the music from the club still hammered on with the party now brought to the streets. There were people everywhere. They continued to dance the night away while she continued to lie there on the floor, unconscious.

It seems like the two scenarios didn't click. It seems as though they didn't fit the same picture. How can people party on while someones is lying on the floor, unconscious? How can you still party on when the police and paramedics are at the scene? How did things get so wrong? How can things get so out of hand?

Oh how I wish this was a clever story crafted within someone's imagination. Unfortunately, this was a scene witnessed by my very own eyes just at the street level of my apartment building.
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