A Million Thanks!

I just want to give a big shout out to everyone who came out to the show last night! The Limelight @ Miss Libertine was a huge success thanks to all of you and it definitely made our night.

Thanks for making it such a wonderful experience for us as organisers as well as performers! We played to a fantastic audience. You guys were supporting to the max. Simply fantastic. Thanks for singing along to my songs! You sounded beautiful!

If any of you have pictures or videos, please feel free to send them to me at: brokenscarmail@gmail.com or you could always upload the vids on youtube and point me the links.

I had such a great time organising the show and I have to say it was a breeze as the show went on without glitches. I also had a great time mixing the acts! Good stuff guys. To top it all off, I couldn't have played my set any better without you guys!

Bit shout outs to everyone at Miss Libertine, Cranbourne Music (our sponsor), to Jon (who was the nicest and most helpful sound engineer I've ever met, you're a legend), Zach (thanks for helping with the door) and last but not least to all my friends that came out to see me and support me. Rock & Roll people!

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on www.mytracks.com/brokenscar

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