I've always enjoyed watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I think my favourite is Discovery travel and living. I feel that since I may not be able to physically travel to those places on the shows, I could see it through the screen.

However, I can say that I have been very blessed lately. I got to see a lot of Australia in the past month or so. First it was the tour with The Birght Star Alliance that brought me to all over New South Wales to small towns along the way as well as those that we stopped at for shows such as Wyong, St. Clair, Sydney, Castlehill (where the masion was) and also to Canberra and Tuggerannong.

Then it was my personal trip to Adelaide which I haven't had the time to post pictures yet. The best part about the trip was being spontaneous. I hired a car and drove out to Barosa Valley and made several stops at eateries and wineries. It was awesome. The time spent in the city was great too. I'll probably have to blog about that in another post soon, hopefully.

The weekend after my first trip to Adelaide saw me back in Adelaide again, this time with TBSA for the last show of the tour. It was a blast!

Right after that, I headed out to regional Victoria where I did sound for the Raw Energy camp in Daylesford. It was such a great experience. Being on the road and travelling will definitely open up a person's eyes and broaden the life experience. It's just great seeing new places, trying new things and meeting new people. Life is just way too short to waste it away.

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