Adelaide: Melba's Chocolate Factory

The drives in Adelaide are absolutely scenic. I loved it. I guess the drives in Australia generally is fantastic. Must be the greenery and the fresh air.

Pose for the camera. There was a little farm next to the Chocolate Factory.

The pictures below were taken at Melba's Chocolate Factory.

I think this would be any kid's dream come true.

I was obviously still a big kid.

...and I was obviously attracted to all the fancy bright colours.

Bulk is the way to go!

The factory area is just open for everyone to see. It was cool to see them making the lollies and packing them.

I thought this was a little funny. I've never seen these ones before.

As you can see, they've got all kinds of lollies!

There's even these ones that look like spuds!

I bought the chocolate coated coffee beans. They give me a mad sore throat but it's worth it! Haha.

I think gummy bears are my favourite lollies.

The car I drove around in.
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  1. # Blogger Melba Woodside

    We've just found this update from you, just awesome, wow look at those photos, it's incredible how the factory changed since then! Thanks for visiting Melba's Chocolate Factory ;)  

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