I was in Adelaide over Friday and Saturday with The Bright Star Alliance, finishing up the last show of the tour and this is what I got up to.
The Giant Koala. Everyone who drives through from Melbourne to Adelaide has to stop for this! I'm still wondering what it's made off.

This is what we do during the long drives. We take photos! The drive only took us close to eight hours which was way shorter than to Newcastle.
Nikki bass

Chillin in the van, heading to Adelaide. Oh, and the view outside was just majestic. I took some photos but it just won't do it any justice. You definitely have to take a drive to see for yourself. I am so tempted to take another drive down those roads. Oh, and the cross wind was hardcore. It was nothing like the tiny ones back in Malaysia. The winds were so strong, I actually swerved the van, thinking that I had a flat tyre. When I got out of the van to check the tyres, they were fine. The winds were just that strong.

The gear behind me. We packed a little lighter this time round since it was just an overnight trip.

At The Fowlers, Adelaide. This is the green room downstairs. It's got this feel as though there has been heaps of history in that place. Lots of famous people would have walked those corridors.

The dressing room. How popstar is that? Look at the mirrors!

The Lounge. I really liked the chilled out vibe. There are also bathrooms in the area, for obvious reasons.

The main entrance

Mr. Castley, restringing and getting some fresh air out in the open

Mr. Barker, multi-tasking

The Yamaha PM3000 that I mixed on. Really nice desk to work on. Love the VCAs.
The line-up

A glimpse of the stage before the show

The bar area

Deez Nuts Merch. They had heaps of merch man.

I can't seem to resist old skool games. I just can't get away from them.

I know the high score isn't all that much but hey, I'm still 1st and 2nd.

I eventually beat my high score and got 77080. Woohoo!

Headliners, Deez Nuts

The stage, after the show.
Pictures today, stories tomorrow.
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  1. # Blogger Big Siang

    hey man.. love the band Broken Scar.. just heard of their stuff.. barely in the local music scene for years now..

    but love your blog too man.. Great Job!!  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Hey Big Siang, thanks for the kind comments man. Really appreciate it. How are things on your end?  

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