Adelaide Part Two

After the gig we cruised into the city. We parked the van right outside this Yiros shop! The Lamb Yiros was freakin awesome! It's cool how we've discovered good food in Adelaide so easily in such a short span of time.

The good stuff!

We arrived at Kate's house at night and it was dark. I appreciated the stars in the sky but I didn't realise how beautiful the view was until we got out of the house in the morning! Kate, thanks heaps for letting us stay at your place.

The Bright Star Party Van!

Vegan Dave

This was pretty much the view from where I was sittting throughout the trip. Fantastic sceneries.

Notice the pink lake?

A closer look

This place reminds me of Morib back in Malaysia, only that it's much cleaner here.

I love this shot. The clouds are epic!

Vegan Dave getting right in the middle of it all

There was heaps of bugs and insects hovering over my head

The green, the yellow, the blue. How beautiful. The drive to and fro Melbourne and Adelaide was just breath taking. Along the way, there was more interesting little landmarks to spot. There was a fake Lochness in the lake, a giant Lobster and heaps of wineries.

I guess I don't have to say much. The pictures say it all. Oh, maybe the fact that I was the designated driver after the gig is worth mentioning because obviously I couldn't take any pictures while I was at the wheel. I also had to make sure we packed all our gear. It was the craziest drive ever. I was driving the TBSA party van yo! Oh, and Vegan Dave drove all the way from Adelaide to Melbourne all by himself. Champ!
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