Adelaide: Hahndorf

Flying Tiger Airways for the first time. It was a pretty bumpy ride from Melbourne to Adelaide but other than that, the flight was decent. It was fairly short too. It took just slightly over an hour to get there. We pretty much hit the ground running. We hired a car at the airport and drove out.

The pictures below were taken at a German town called Hahndorf, our first stop.

The weather was perfect.

A glimpse of the quaint town.

The Handorf Inn, where we had breakfast.

The furniture is pretty old skool.

Big Breakfast.

I thought this was pretty cool.

The Apple Strudel. It definitely isn't like the Corica one from Perth but it was still pretty good.

There was this shop selling garden decorations. It's looks like a little fairy city!

Anyone care to tell me what this means, because I have no idea.
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