Twenty Four

Today, I turned twenty four. I still feel the same although I’m approaching the quarter century mark. I still have wants like a little kid thinking, “what am I going to get this year?” but this year has been interesting.

This turning of age gave me a few thoughts. You know how they always say that the grass is greener on the other side? What they forgot to tell us was that when you get on the other side, you could finally judge for yourself. Is the grass really greener on this side or was it better on the previous? At the end of the day, the outcome depends on how you view it all. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Once you get to the other side, it also depends on whether you’d see certain things just because they are obvious or because you choose to see them and vice versa.

Another thought is that when you want something bad enough, you will get it, not because you deserve it but if you work hard enough for it and the fact that you want that something bad enough, you will make it happen.

However, the above tend to suggest man-made ways to achieve what you want. The best thing about it all is that if I put God first, He’ll give me the things that are best for me. I’m in good hands.

On another note, watching John Mayer live for the first time was awesome. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to and it was worth every penny. His set was rather short, compared to a 2-hour set by Deftones but it was still awesome. This way, he leaves his audience and fans wanting more.

His band was awesome. It was a full band set up including a bassist, a drummer, 3 guitarists including John himself, a keys player, a sax player and a trumpet player, all of which their names I can’t remember. I’m bad with names, as always.

The guitar tone in particular stood out the most compared to all the other instruments. The tone was just so warm and sweet. It made me want to sell all my gear to buy a Fender Strat, a Martin and a Taylor. Well, even if I sell everything I currently own, I couldn’t even buy one of the guitars I mentioned. Oh well, here goes to dreaming. Why? Because dreams do come true.

My birthday lunch was awesome too. We had a seafood buffet. The food was yummy although it wasn’t the best. Let’s just say that by the end of it, I could hardly walk. I might have to go on a serious diet.

The most important bit is that I got to spend it with the love of my life, as cheesy as it sounds. It was the best!

In about 15 minutes time, the celebrations will be over but like I always say, my birthday celebrations could last for weeks and I’m down with that! The more the better!

*Raises glass. Cheers!

5 Responses to “Twenty Four”

  1. # Blogger goingRAWr!

    HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH sir! And two cycles eh.. 24 will be a great year for you i'm sure. you are a guy that makes things happen!
    glad to hear mayer was so inspiring.
    i can't believe you're only just turning 24, you've achieved alot. now i feel really old (turned 25 in nov). bleh.
    you WILL get a martin, taylor and fender strat someday because i know you want them.. dreaming is definitely one of the steps. but you are totally right. we must leave everything in God's hands, do what we can as humans and have 100% faith and trust that we will get what we need (and not always what we want). even if to the human eye it seems like a "bad" thing, God's plan works in mysterious ways we may not always understand.
    keep rockin dude!
    :) miin  

  2. # Anonymous bianca

    happy belated birthday kevin mevin!

  3. # Blogger yinderella

    Yay! I just turned 21!!! Happy belated birthday kevin!!! We are both old farts..U older fart la..but you rock harder. HAHA Cheers You!!! :)  

  4. # Blogger the Princess~

    Happy belated Birthday Kev!!

    you knowwww.... I just heard your some.. on yesterday.. and I was bragging too ALL MY FRIENDS that I know you... and that you're my friend,... then I remembered that your birthday was a couple of days agoo... but I didn't have your aussie numberrrr...... Give it to me soon k~? Rock Star worr....

    btw.. my friends think you're awesome. CAn't believe it's a local guy.. from penang... who likes to wear spiderman shirts. ahahah.

    They love your voice too!

    hope you're having a rocking time in Melbourne.. too bad couldn't meet up the last time you came back! ciaozzz  

  5. # Blogger the Princess~

    I meant song.. duh.. stupid typo.. ahaha  

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