Troubadours 17th July

Here are some pictures from the Troubadours last night. Thanks to Tania for taking the pictures.

From Left To Right: Zalila Lee, Broken Scar, Alda, Shelley Leong

Broken Scar On "Hey You"

I love La Bodega. There's just this vibe that is cozy and warm. The sound was fantastic and the company was great.

It felt like a house gathering for musicians, friends and music lovers.

I just want to thank Shelley, Alda and Zal for playing with me. Having other musicians chipping in on various instruments really enhances a song and takes it to another level.

The arrangement of the performance was unique. Three open mic performers performs two songs each before the main acts. Then the main acts will play one set each. During the break, more open mic performers take on the stage. The second round from the main acts resumed after that. Lastly, it was open mic again.

All in all, I performed three songs, Scratch and Hey You during the first open mic round and Clocks which was a new song I've been working on with the band, during the final open mic round. I've never performed the Clocks before and it was the very first time here at the Troubadours. I was tuning the guitar to accommodate the alternate tuning for this song before I went up and I broke the third string. I tried to play it with five strings anyway and it worked.

This is definitely one of the most memorable gigs to date, thanks to the amazing audience, friends and the entire singer-songwriter family.

2 Responses to “Troubadours 17th July”

  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Clocks got a real special debut eh?

    Useless observation: The Troubadours backdrop looks like a "Smile" sticker I once got from a Hare Krishna dude on the street.  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Clocks got a special debut alright, with a tiny little achievement for me, playing with five strings instead of six. Hee.

    Now that you mentioned the Hare Krishna sticker, I wonder whether it really is the same logo?  

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