Songwriters' Round #18

The weekend once again was very eventful and interesting especially if it is music related.

It all started on Friday night. It was Pete Teo’s Songwriters’ Round #18. I had emailed Pete about a week before the event asking whether it was okay if I could play at his open mike. I thought it would be more courteous to ask in advance rather than just showing up like that. His reply was, “Sure Kev”.

I arrived at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall at around 10pm and it was still raining cats and dogs. It didn’t seem like anything was happening near the stage area so I asked one of the waiters whether the gig was on. Then I met up with Pete, Shelley and Az, just chilling with a couple of friends.

It finally started at about 10:45pm. Everyone was fantastic! Shelley and Az were amazing as usual, Reza definitely melted many hearts away and Albert & Edwin had such great Chinese pop tunes intertwined with some English phrases here and there. I personally liked the tribute to The Beatles.

Anyway, then came my turn to play at open mic. I was so nervous as I didn’t quite feel comfortable and at home here in Alexis. I played Scratch and Hey You. Time passed pretty quickly and before I knew it, it was over. All is good as the feedback was pretty positive.

Gotta wait for Vig for the pictures he took.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Good thing you didn't have to walk to Alexis :)

    Waiting for the pics!  

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