Little Red

Today stamped a milestone in this musical journey that I’m on as the most official decision was made when John’s Mistress signed the distribution deal with @19 Records. It has been a long process of reading and cross-referencing contracts. Finally it has been sealed.

There’s just this urge to spill my heart and thoughts and hopefully I might find out why at the end of this.

There are a million and one things that people keep to themselves and will never ever be revealed to anyone. Everyone has that baggage on their backs. But there's always a way to unload that excess baggage. By telling stories, perhaps?

The road seems straight and fairly clear right ahead. But when the road comes to a fork, Red Riding Hood will definitely have to make a decision. It’ll definitely make it easier for her if there were signboards. So let’s assume there are two signboards clearly pointing out, “Home Sweet Home” and “Big Bad Wolf” respectively. Which path would she choose? Would she be wise enough to know “not” to take the path down to meet her potential murderer? If she knows the consequences and yet she decides to take that route, she may as well invest in this thing called the rope, tie it up nice on a tree branch nearby and leave the rest to imagination.

So there are no signboards at crossroads. It’s a risk and a gamble to pick the right one. Will it be the one that looks more appealing or the one that presents you with risks and hurdles?

As for me, I’d go for the risk. The risk of losing some, but will eventually gain in the end.

Eyes closed, fingers crossed.

There aren't always clear cut answers but God will always provide the answers and reveal the right paths.

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