Recording: Day Ten


The Beautiful Drumset Kim Borrowed From A Friend

The Man Behind The Set

Is He Having A Good Time Or What?

...Double Pedal Feet...

The Torn Drum Skin

Drama, anyone?

Let me cut the long story short and not exaggerate.

We started by setting up the drum set, tuned up, miked up and soundchecked. All was good. The drum set sounded fantastic.

It was 10:30 pm, so we did a few takes for the first song and proceeded to the second one. At the last take of the second song, guess what? The kick drum skin tore. Honestly, I panicked. But Manshaan calmly patched the skin with masking tape, some tissue paper and added gaffer tape. All that tape did the job.

We then continued with the final song and called it a night at 1 am.

So basically, the torn skin did not stop us from going on and Manshaan managed to nail all three tracks.

Note: This post is dated 26 July although I'm typing it on 28 July. This is to remind myself of the actual recording dates.

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