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...Autobot Transform

Thanks to Albert, I have now fulfilled a childhood dream, to own Transformers Generation One Toys.

First, there was Hotwheels, now Transformers. What more can a boy ask for?

It started out with the DigiBand Era held in Berjaya Times Square. *Pictures to come*

Then, it was shopping time. I went crazy when I saw my favourite Cosmos and Bumble Bee and four other fellow Autobots in this collectors box set! I knew I wanted it. I fell in love instantly. There was Warpath, the tank as well. *Pictures to come*

Ah, such joy! It brings back the old memories. For a moment there, I was transported to when I was five. Is this the beginning of a new obsession? I hope not as it would burst a hole in my pocket. It's always good to side track from music every now and then, don't you think? Brings out the kid in us.

What more can I say? Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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