DigiBand Era 28 May 2005

Soundcheck. Look at the crowd even at soundcheck!

An Eager Audience. Easily 8000 to 10000 pax. This goes all the way back to the end of the foyer, mind you.

Gerhana Ska Cinta

Gerhana's Frontwoman.

JB Station, the first band to compete. These guys are really talented. The guitarist is only 18 and nicknamed "baby" for obvious reasons. The singer has an Amy Lee tone and the band was really into their music and they rocked. For a band put together for the competition and only had minimal practice, they sounded and looked professional as if they'd been together for a while now. Plus, they are friendly too.

Orange was next. These guys were great technically as all the other bands were. Each member were skillful in their individual instrument and craft. I was blown away by technicality, but I personally didn't "feel" this band.

The Winning Band, Dyana.
Now this band really deserved to win. They had the skill, energy and charisma of an internation act. The band, especially the singer reminds me a lot of the Australian band, Killing Heidi.

They came, they rocked, they conquered!

Tap Away...

It was difficult to catch a clear and still picture of the whole band on camera. Boy, did they move a lot! Their energy and stage presence was amazing!

The Killing Heidi Dance

Emcees Nana and Rostam of Era.fm

Gerhana's Brass Section

The digicam died after this.

I enjoyed the other bands that were in the competition, but my personal favourite has to be Dyana. Other artistes performed as well, including Flop Poppy, Pretty Ugly, Ella and others.

After a while, my ears were tired and after all that guitar shred, bass slappin', soulful singin', and all that "rock", fatigue kicked in.

So, I met up with Albert after that and that was when the toy purchasing frenzy started. The pictures will testify.

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