A Simple Plan

Out comes the flimsy remote control out of the pocket. Hit it about for a little bit to give it a kick-start. Hit the blue button, beep, and the lock comes undone. Hop in, insert the key into the ignition, get comfortable and start up the engine. Close the door and now a whole new world begins.

Here’s to a journey in a world where nothing around exists or even matter.

Once entered into this little isolated world, despite opened windows displaying air drumming and singing into the empty to everyone, everything that does not make sense at all to the outside world makes every single sense to the one behind the wheel.

It doesn’t matter what people outside this confinement think or say. As far as I’m concerned, I’m enjoying my favorite music playing through my entry level stock player and humble speakers while air drumming to the beats and singing to the words. It is a minor escape away from the current reality, but I’m not running away. It’s just a temporary visit every now and then. Everything foreign fades away when I enter this world. My world.

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