My Bleeding Confession

So there were plans to “form” a band two years ago, practice as hard as possible, record and finally be satisfied. None of the plans sparked a beginning until today.

Today is the mark of the beginning of a brand new journey.

First it was the John’s Mistress Initiation. Then, came the gigs and recording. Now that the five songs are recorded and mixed, it’s time to start what should have been started two years ago, to fulfill a dream, to record a Broken Scar CD.

Today, 17 January 2005 is the first meeting and rehearsal for the recording.

On this project, we have Alda Tan on bass and Manshaan on drums.

All I can say is that, as time goes by, nothing is ever too late. Things only get better. There is no better time for this project than now, as Alda puts it.

I was overwhelmed by adrenaline all the way from an hour before I arrived at the studio all the way till the second before I closed my eyes for the night.

The session was fantastic. We ran through all five songs for the recording. Overall, it was productive and positive. Looking forward to more sessions and hitting the recording studios.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    A toast to the long-awaited CD!  

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