The Reunion

Performing in front of a quiet and expectant audience waiting to pounce on every slightest mistake in chord progression or a slip of a tongue is just as scary as performing on stage for the very first time without knowing what to expect of the audience.

Who would have thought I’d be given a challenge quite similar yet unlike the above on the reunion night of Chinese New Year where most relatives were gathered in a cozy and dim lit house to usher in the New Year according to the Chinese calendar as well as to catch up with one another.

The wait for the traditional reunion meal of steamboat was long despite having modern electricity powered steamboat pots. It was well worth the wait. The food was simply delicious and by the end of it, I was stuffed. Too bad I don’t have food pictures to temp you.

Fast forward and bypass the karaoke sessions, I was now faced with a very unique challenge. I was asked to play a few of my original songs to all my relatives and cousins from overseas.

Reluctance crept in and out of my mind but eventually, the love of music in me gave in. Despite being almost dead tired, I played them four songs. It was quite a challenge to play to family. You wouldn’t want them to pretend to like your music just because you’re related by blood, but you’d really want to blow them away and impress them genuinely.

I did my best and I sighed of relief after.

The rest of it now remains as sweet memories.

2 Responses to “The Reunion”

  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Ah, to be with family this time of the year, what a privilege.  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Can't help but to be fickle, wanting out when being in, missing it when it's out and over with.

    A moment lived, a moment passed. It's a brand new moment, now.  

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