The Big Picture

Blogging lately has become sparser due to the scarcity of luxury time.

So here’s a flash-back to Saturday.

Recording demos are always a whole lot of fun. In fact, any recording is a great experience be it just for fun, to record a simple guitar idea or to record an entire band for an EP or album. Recording is also two dimensional for me as I enjoy being on both sides of the glass window, in the recording room recording guitars or vocals, or being in the control room mixing.

Back on track, recording demos are a lot less stressful as there is a lot of room for experimentation and for mistakes to happen allowing creativity to go with the flow. There is also less pressure to hit everything perfectly. However, recording a demo should not be taken lightly either.

It’s very satisfying to listen to a composition in full as a listener compared to playing and singing it to yourself. From this, vocal harmonies can be bounced around and small guitar parts and ideas can be added here and there. Now, the big picture is within reach.

So all in all, Saturday was extremely hot but eventful.

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