The New

Sometimes some things just has to come to an end. An experienced engineer said this to me, "Everything will eventually come to a full stop". What's there to disagree to that? Everything does come to a full stop, one day. There's just this one bit I'd like to add to that phrase.

Everything will eventually come to a full stop but everything has to have a start too.

The process of recording and mixing John's Mistress' five song EP will be coming to an end soon. So where's the new beginning?

This year, if all goes well, I have plans to record five Broken Scar tracks.

Bits and pieces of ideas are now on paper. A few calls have been made. It's now time to sit down, discuss and think about the entire process.

I'll be posting on the progress as they come. For now, I hope for the best in 2005.

*Any financial aid most welcome.

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