Two Years Too Late

Mr. Big would probably be a name that some would have heard of since they've been to Malaysia as a band as well as individually. They've had a concert and many clinics with the bassist, Billy Sheehan and guitarist, Paul Gilbert.

They've released a greatest hits album some time this year and it got me to thinking.

Mr. Big, "Ichiban" once in Japan and now they remain a memory for many of us. The band went their separate ways and took different routes and paths in 2002.

They played a farewell tour, recorded the Farewell Live In Japan DVD and released it in 2002. This was with their new guitarist, Ritchie Kotzen though. Paul left some time ago because of creative reasons.

Billy is still rocking on with his solo projects and Paul is fulfilling his Racer X dreams as well as pop-ing up his solo material.

I recently bought the Farewell Live In Japan DVD and I realised that two years had passed just like that. The best part of the DVD were the interviews with each member, separately.

The part that got me to thinking was that a band that had been together for twelve years and was a great influence on so many young guitarists, myself included could just call it quits. I could imagine what could have gone wrong in the band. I could also imagine the sheer joy when they were riding high, not only in terms of making number one hits, but also creatively. It must have been an amazing journey, be it for the best or worst.

When Paul left the band, I thought that they would have called it quits. It was never the same after Paul left. I'm not saying that Ritchie is not a good player. He is in fact an awesome guitarist, super clean. It's just that the band needs that Paul Gilbert touch.

It's not Ritchie, it's just that when a band starts off with one guitarist, the sound is often very difficult to be replaced. It doesn't mean that the sound of the band should stay stagnant and it is not necessary that a replacement will make the band sound bad. It just changes the sound and direction of the band. Look at Poison, for instance.

"Don't say goodbye
Don't bother
Just like the others, you'll soon be forgotten"

Those words were lingering in my mind, because people simply forget...

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