Before I logged in to blogger, I told myself that I was going to say, "not blogging for a while has been refreshing". Then I logged in and a little note popped up to ask if I wanted to try the new blogger interface. Curiously, I hit it and bang, everything changed! The entire blogger interface now looks completely foreign to me, but perhaps, that fresh look would inspire me to write more. We'll see.

Things over the past few months have been a whirlwind. I questioned the whole purpose of blogging and me being on social media. I don't think I am a good blogger because I don't blog everyday consistently plus it's not like I have a lot of clubbing photos to show you anyway. I don't have a set topic or theme and I blog randomly. Oh, and even if I had an audience, it would be too small. What, musos and audio engineer geeks like me? I mean, my blog won't even cut it as a music geek blog. I must admit, I sometimes wonder why some bloggers are as famous as they are, but that's quite rhetorical. See, even up until here, this post is completely useless, I must say. I don't think even I would read it after writing it.

The only reason I blogged before was to use it as an outlet but the outlet just ended up being a creativity leakage instead. I stopped writing in my journal. I mean, who here knows that when a songwriter stops writing ideas in his journal, that's not a good sign? So long story short, I decided to take a break from all these leakages, facebook and twitter updates included and I found myself writing again. 

Now that quite a fair bit has happened, I felt like blogging about my live mixing adventures as a live mixing engineer working with live bands, but then again, it may end up like a whinge-fest. It's a fine line isn't it? So where do we go from here? A slow re-start perhaps. We'll see.

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2 Responses to “Refreshing”

  1. # Blogger DanLai

    still here, reading your blog......


  2. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    Thanks Dan! Recently I just felt that there are many things I couldn't say in public. lol. I wish I could though.  

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